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TRIOpizza and TRIOburger are parts of a fast growing catering company named TRIOgroup in the Hungarian fast food market with strong capital background.

During the last year 13 fast food restaurants has been opened in the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. All TRIOpizza and TRIOburger restaurants are prime points of Budapest through the metro line no. three where the pedestrian traffic too powerful:

Újpest Center

Árpád bridge

Nyugati square

Deák square

Keleti Train Station

Kálvin square

DÉLI Train Station

Klinikák station

Nagyvárad station

KÖKI Terminal station.


TRIOpizza and TRIOburger respresents a new philosophy as well among the other fast food restaurants: all sortiments (pizza, burger, gyros) prepare in place from fresh raw materials, the services are realy fast and the prices are low.

This is what very much like us our guests day by day.

Our goals are to determinate the Hungarian fast food market in the near future.


Contact Us:


TRIOgroup HQ
1214 Budapest,
II. Rákóczi Ferenc str. 183-185.
Telefon: +36 1 / 278 0469
Fax: +36 1 / 278 0468
e-mail: info@triogroup.hu